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Truck Dispatch Services

DispatchTek is the best truck dispatch services company in the United States. We serve independent truck owners and trucking companies. If you are looking for the loads that can pay the best price for your trucking business, then you have come to the right place.

We understand trucking companies and appreciate the hard work of truck drivers. That is why we strive to provide the best loads that yield the maximum cash flow for the interstate cargo you are carrying in the United States. It is important for your business to stay away from cheap freight and not to spend the time, resources and energy on truck loads that do not compensate for your hard work.

DispatchTek employs the best team of experienced truck dispatchers, account managers and dedicated after hours support. Our truck dispatchers negotiate the maximum rates and discuss the transportation option with brokers. We love to have you onboard to get the best loads for your company and your drivers.

Based out of Wyoming, our truck dispatch services are being provided to owner operated and small to medium size trucking companies across the US

We are proud to serve the American trucking industry and always looking for the best loads available to truck drivers on the best trucking routes in the USA. With DispatchTek’s truck dispatching agents, you will always have the chance to scale up the business without worrying about the need to find suitable loads for your drivers to deliver to all over the US territories.
We keep the business transparent and streamlined with a fixed price and no hidden charges. DispatchTek’s freight dispatch service is well known for being among the trucking communities and we are trusted by hundreds of proud truck drivers and trucking companies who drove thousands of miles in the USA.

How to get onboard our truck dispatch services?
It’s easier than you think! DispatchTek requires the owners, operators and trucking companies to register with us and submit the necessary documentation to get onboard. We offer day to day and long-term affiliation for our truck dispatching service in the United States. After this, we will be taking care of the load searching, negotiating and paperwork for your business. You can always have a customised service plan with DispatchTek to suit your business requirements. Get in touch with our dispatch service experts to get you started with the best truck dispatch services in the US.


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