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Administrative and Paperwork Services

Get the complete solution for all the paperwork and administrative support for your trucking business
DispatchTek is the premium truck dispatch service in the US to find highest paying loads for owner operators and trucking companies. We offer comprehensive and full cycle administrative, management and paperwork support for your trucking business across all 50 states.

Getting the loads is never easier and with the expert truck dispatcher teams at DispatchTek, you can always count on us for the continuous and reliable stream of truck loads so you can focus on driving and keep the truck rolling all year around. We at DispatchTek understand that trucking is not easy. When you are driving all by yourself as owner operator or even for a small trucking company that has drivers on their payroll, finding loads and managing the paperwork is a drag that always slows down your performance and profits. That’s where DispatchTek’s truck dispatching services can help your business and drivers by completing all the necessary paperwork and by providing end-to-end administrative and official support. This is required to drive your loads safely and legally without hassle anywhere in the US.

DispatchTek has a team of skilled truck dispatchers and administrators to sort, fill and approve all the requirements of DOT and state-wise necessities for paperwork.

Our dispatchers and dedicated account managers will be in contact and just a call and text away to provide complete backend support so you can be relaxed and focused on driving and freight management to grow your income and scale your business. We are trusted by hundreds of proud truck owners across the USA and feel honored to serve our happy customers who look up to DispatchTek to find the best loads in the USA.

The stringent requirements for paperwork, DOT/SAFETY compliance, W-9, proof of insurance & certificates, rate confirmations and invoicing, customs/ transportation documents, waybills, bills of lading etc. Our trained dispatching agents also manage customer agreements, directions to consignee and scheduling of any necessary appointments. Get in touch with DispatchTek for complete truck dispatch documentation and paperwork management services!

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